Glen Ridge

Zoning Compliance & Smoke Certificate Requirements

The following items are required to be installed according to the manufacturers' installation instructions and MUST be in working order prior to the inspection.

  • Smoke detector on every floor.
  • Carbon monoxide detectors 10 feet from every sleeping area.
  • At least one portable fire extinguisher shall be installed in all one- and two- family dwellings;
  • The extinguisher shall be listed, labeled, charged, and operable;
  • The size shall be no smaller than 2A:10B:C, rated for residential use and weigh no more than 10lbs;
  • The hangers or brackets supplied by the manufacturer must be used;
  • The extinguisher must be located within 10 feet of the kitchen;
  • The top of the extinguisher must not be more than 5 feet above the floor;
  • The extinguisher must be visible and in a readily accessible location, free from being blocked by furniture, storage, or other items;
  • The extinguisher must be near a room exit or travel path that provides an escape route to the exterior;
  • The extinguisher must be accompanied by an owner's manual or written information regarding the operation, inspection, and maintenance of the extinguisher; and
  • The extinguisher must be installed with the operating instructions clearly visible.

**Please contact the Building Department at 973-748-8400 x 233 to schedule an appointment.


Zoning & Smoke Alarm/Extinguisher Compliance Self-Certification Form for use during the Corona Virus / Covid-19 Pandemic (click here)

Inspections are performed on Tuesdays and Thursdays only.

All building permits must have passed final inspections prior to scheduling the inspection. Any work done without permits shall be subject to a fine and permits must be obtained.

The fee for the inspection is $100.00 payable by cash or check made to the Borough of Glen Ridge.