Glen Ridge

Golden Circle Newsletter - Spring 2020

Message from the President  

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to check in with you all, and hope that you are  all keeping well in this time of Coronavirus, also known as Covid 19.  Many of you have been coping at home, hopefully, with help from others. So many people have commented on the success they’ve had through the Senior food delivery program. You can make arrangements through Jim Cowan to have someone get shopping done for you and deliver the bags to your door. Please call him at 973-748-2924 or his email, if you haven’t had needed this before. But things can change, and we want to remind everyone that this is available.

We are happy to announce our virtual Yoga Classes. Lynn Schoorl, our yoga leader is going to be doing these classes via Zoom, this is a program through an app, easy, peasy, that you can easily join and watch and hear Lynn do the class. These will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10am for 45 minutes. She will be sending out the link at about 4pm the day before. If you would like to join and your email address is not known by Jim, please email it to Lynn. Her address is

I’ve been keeping in touch with many of you, and you are all amazingly upbeat through this. I talk to my brother in England, who are all going through the same problems. I’ve never seen NY or London so empty. Martin was relating to me this morning in reference to VE Day that was remembered for it’s 75 year anniversary. He said that day in 1945 he was with my mother overlooking Plymouth Sound when word came on the radio that Germany had surrendered. So many thousands of people gathered there that day that you couldn’t move. My mother had dropped some money on the ground during the crush. She couldn’t even bend over to pick it up. The next day Martin went to that area with some friends. They picked up so much change and even brooches etc, there had been so much dancing in the crowds. That gave me a laugh picturing that.

We don’t know when we will meet again (Vera Lynn), but we hope it’s soon, some sunny day. When we do, we shall have a party.

With warm regards,

Samantha Finneran

Glen Ridge Seniors Golden Circle Membership Application  

To join you must be a Glen Ridge resident. $10.00 dues are due with application.

(Calendar Year is September - June)

Renewal:_____ New Membership:_____ Date ___________ Birthday Month and Day (optional) _______

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Bring completed application to a meeting or mail to:
Marie Meehan Apt. 5F 926 Bloomfield Ave. Glen Ridge, NJ 07028

Meetings are held at the Glen Ridge Senior-Community Center, 228 Ridgewood Avenue (Train Station) unless otherwise noted.

For program registration or information call the Rec Office at 973-748-2924.