Glen Ridge Dog License Application

If you own, keep, or harbor a dog of seven (7) months or older for more than ten (10) days, New Jersey State Law requires that you must obtain a Dog License by January 31 each year.

Licensing may help reunite you with your lost or missing pet. Your fee also supports programs that enhance the welfare of animals including low-cost spaying, neutering and rabies vaccine clinics.

NOTE:  New Jersey law requires you to supply the following prior to issuing your license:

  1. Proof of current rabies vaccination must be valid through October 1 of each year. If your dog's rabies vaccination expires prior to October please send us your dog(s) new vaccination record to keep your dog license valid. You are required to re-submit your dog's rabies vaccination record every year.

  2. Proof of alteration (spayed or neutered) from veterinarian or clinic. You are required to re-submit your dog's proof of alteration every year. (Send with application)

Owner Information

Owner's Name:


Phone:  __________________________

E-Mail:  _______________________

Dog Information

Dog's Name:  _________________

Tattoo/Microchip Number:  ______________

Breed:  ______________________

Color:  _______________________________


SHORT / MEDIUM / LONG (circle one)

SMALL / MEDIUM / LARGE (circle one)

FEMALE / MALE (circle one)
Birth Date:



YES / NO (circle one)
Spay/Neuter Date:


Vet's Phone:

Rabies Expiration Date:

License Fees

Altered Dog . . . . . $18.00

Unaltered Dog . . . $21.00

If paid after March 31:  Add $10.00

Make check payable to:
Borough Of Glen Ridge Animal Control Fund

Mail to:
        Dog License Clerk
        Borough of Glen Ridge
        825 Bloomfield Avenue
        Glen Ridge, NJ 07028

For Office Use


Amount: $__________________

Check #____________________

License #____________________

Received by: _________________

Date: _______________________

All dogs must be leashed or confined to the owner's property. Dogs are not allowed in public buildings, restaurants or stores (guide dogs excepted). Dogs may not damage, deface or deposit waste on the property of others or on public property. The "pooper-scooper" law is in effect. Dogs may not annoy neighbors by continuous barking or howling. Violators of the Borough Codes may be subject to a fine.

You may call the Glen Ridge Police Department at 973-748-5400 with a dog complaint.