Glen Ridge

Security Camera Registration Form:

The Glen Ridge Police Department is asking residents to register if they have a camera system operating within their home or business. This information will be kept strictly confidential within the Glen Ridge Police Department and we will seek your permission to view the footage if the need ever arises.

If you would like to participate in this effort, please print, complete and return the following form to:

Please return to:
Glen Ridge Police Department
3 Herman Street
Glen Ridge, NJ 07028
Attention: Detective Bureau

Date: __________________________________________________

Type of Location: ________ Residence ________ Business

Name of Resident or Business: __________________________________________________

Street Address: __________________________________________________

City, State, Zip: __________________________________________________

Phone Number: ( ________ ) _________ - _________________

E-mail Address: __________________________________________________

If you have more than one address/location that you would like to register, we ask that you submit a separate form for each location.

Security Camera Details

Number of Exterior Cameras: ________

Number of Interior Cameras: ________

Number of Driveway Cameras: ________

Number of Roadway Cameras: ________

Number of Other Cameras: ________

Recording period (24/7, business hours, motion activated): __________________________________________________

Retention period (how long before material is deleted): _____________________________________________________

Additional Information: ______________________________________________________________________________